Mangoes are flavorful as well as deal various medical advantages because of their rich wholesome profile. Here are a portion of the advantages of mangoes:

1.High in Supplements: Mangoes are loaded with fundamental nutrients and minerals, including L-ascorbic acid, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K, potassium, magnesium, and folate. These supplements assume a pivotal part in keeping up with by and large wellbeing and supporting different physical processes.

2.Wealthy in Cell reinforcements: Mangoes are a rich wellspring of cancer prevention agents, like beta-carotene and polyphenols, which assist with safeguarding the body against destructive free extremists. Cell reinforcements can decrease oxidative pressure and lower the gamble of ongoing sicknesses, including specific malignant growths and coronary illness.

3.Supports Safe Framework: The high L-ascorbic acid substance in mangoes helps reinforce the resistant framework, working on the body's capacity to ward off diseases and sicknesses.

4.Advances Stomach related Wellbeing: Mangoes contain dietary fiber, which supports absorption and forestalls clogging. The compounds present in mangoes, similar to amylase, assist with separating carbs, working on generally speaking stomach related capability.

5.Upholds Heart Wellbeing: The potassium in mangoes directs pulse, lessening the gamble of hypertension and advancing heart wellbeing. Moreover, the fiber and cell reinforcement content add to a better cardiovascular framework.

6.Helps Eye Wellbeing: Mangoes are plentiful in vitamin An and beta-carotene, which are fundamental for keeping up with great vision and eye wellbeing. Customary utilization of mangoes can assist with forestalling age-related macular degeneration and night visual deficiency.


             While mangoes are flavorful and nutritious organic products with various advantages, they additionally have a few detriments. The following are a couple of possible downsides of mangoes:

1.Sensitivities: A few people might be susceptible to mangoes or certain proteins present in them. Hypersensitive responses can go from gentle side effects like tingling and rashes to extreme responses, remembering hypersensitivity for interesting cases.

2.High sugar content: Mangoes are normally sweet and have a high sugar content, which can be a worry for individuals with diabetes or those attempting to deal with their glucose levels.

3.Overconsumption: Eating an excessive number of mangoes at a time can prompt gastrointestinal issues like bulging, gas, and heartburn, particularly on the off chance that you have a touchy stomach.

4.Pesticide deposits: Non-natural mangoes can contain pesticide buildups, which might present wellbeing chances whenever consumed in huge amounts over a drawn out period. It is vital for wash and strip mangoes completely or decide on natural assortments whenever the situation allows.

5.Impedance with prescription: Mangoes contain intensifies that might connect with specific meds, especially blood-diminishing medications like warfarin. On the off chance that you are on any meds, counseling your medical care supplier about potential interactions is ideal.

6.Weight gain: Because of their high sugar content, unreasonable utilization of mangoes can add to weight gain on the off chance that not consumed in that frame of mind as a component of a decent eating regimen.


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